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Taking Delilah (2018)

Written & Directed by Rachel Stephens
Director of Photography, Megan Gordon.
Edited by Liam Calvert.

Starring William Coomber & Joanna Russel.

Taking Delilah is a short drama/sci-fi about a former couple who share ownership of their dog, but when Chloe tries to tell Kevin she is moving away, a power cut interrupts their argument. The pair must put aside their personal problems to survive the night.


Director Statement:
This project was a new challenge for me as a director as I had a much larger crew than I have previously worked with on my films. It really pleases me that we ended up with a such a diverse and equal crew and it was a pleasure to create this film with them.

Poster Artwork: Created by Rachel Stephens (Edit) & Megan Gordon (Photo).


Production Photos

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