I am a Filmmaker from Hampshire. I have been involved in Film since 2010 after I was hired as the Southampton Film Week assistant for community filmmaking company, City Eye.

I attended a digital filmmaking training course in November 2011 and since then have been making my own short films, working as crew for other filmmakers as well as working as the Projects and Productions Facilitator for City Eye.

​I love filmmaking because you get to create stories, characters and worlds that otherwise wouldn't have existed.

I also love the creative and challenging process of making a film - every project is different and creates its own unique problems to overcome.




I have written and directed several short films as well as working as crew on other filmmakers projects in a variety of roles from

Production Assistant to Producer. In 2014 I was the Producer for the Danze Macabre music video 'Jamaica Inn'.directed by Rakesh Thind which has had more than 14,000 views on YouTube. In 2017 I was the 1st Assistant Director for Ben Grace's mental health drama 'Antelope' which has had regional, national and international success at film festivals and competitions.



Rachel joined us a Runner/Production Assistant for our feature film 'Alive'.

She quickly proved her capabilities in all areas on set and we asked her back as 1st AD, which she further impressed us with her organisational skills.

We very much look forward to working with her again.

Annie Rachel Hillman


"I’ve been blessed to work on several films that Rachel has produced and directed. She is a talented and dedicated filmmaker who is committed to putting in the time and effort required to ensure that her shoots go smoothly and yield great results.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rachel and look forward to working with her again."


Ben Grace,

Filmmaker - Ben Grace Films

I’ve known Rachel for many years and was really pleased when she agreed to work on our  feature film ‘Gone to Ground’ as a production assistant.  She was super efficient in organising what was a complex production and also shot much of the behind the scenes filming and publicity stills.  Much of the smooth running of the production was down to her. 

Phil Peel


"I've been working with Rachel on various projects over the last two years. During this time we have become good friends and I take my written idea's to Rachel whenever possible to get her trustworthy objective opinion.

We have worked on a number of projects of which most recently, she produced my music promo video for a band that is about to get signed to a major record label.​
In addition to her writing, directing and producing skills, her proficiency in sourcing very talented actors and keen eye for filming locations is a great asset.

I'm looking forward to working with Rachel for a long time to come."

Rakesh Thind,
Director/Writer/Editor U.K.